Tournament Walnut & Maple Backgammon Set Premium Edition

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  • Exclusive Regency chess design.
  • Created by the Manopoulos master craftsmen.
  • Beautiful walnut cabinet.
  • Real wood inlays and playing surface.
  • Complete with wooden stone, deluxe leatherette cups and dice

Crafted in Athens by the renowned backgammon manufacturer Manopoulos, this exclusive design for the Regency Chess Company is a valuable addition to our already extensive backgammon collection. We have collaborated closely with the experts in Athens to produce an opulent and refined game board, all while keeping the price affordable. The backgammon cabinet is expertly constructed with real walnut inlays and features sturdy brass clasps to securely close it when not in use. Inside, the playing field is also made of walnut, with expertly placed Maple and Anegre inlays for the points. The playing stones are hand-turned wooden pieces, and an inset stone holder in the cabinet provides convenient storage. To complete the set, four dice, a doubling cube, and leatherette dice cups are included. We are thrilled with the end result and take pride in offering such a phenomenal product at an outstanding price. 

Backgammon set contents

  • 15 Light stones.
  • 15 Dark stones.
  • 1 Doubling cube.
  • 4 white dice.
  • Organza bag for stones and dice.
  • 2 black dice cups.
  • 1 Walnut inlaid backgammon case.
  • Two year warranty
  • 1 folding backgammon board


Weight 2.7 kg
Materials Walnut, Maple
Open Height 1.5 inches
Open Length 23.6 inches
Open Width 18.6 inches
Closed Height 3 inches
Closed Length 18.6 inches
Closed Width 11.7 inches
Stone Diameter 1.41 inches
Stone Thickness 0.25 inches