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The Pirates Vs Navy Hand painted themed chess pieces by Italfama

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  • Made in Italy.
  • Superb detailing.
  • 3.25 inch king.
  • Presented in gift packing.
  • Ideal for 15.75 inch board.

Crafted by renowned Italfama artisans, these magnificent chess pieces are made from crushed stone composite. Each intricate detail is carefully crafted, from the British Infantry pawns to the swashbuckling deckhands, and up to the commanding knights and bishops. The Pirate King exudes a romantic allure with his peg leg, eye patch, and pet monkey, while the Navy King exudes elegance in his traditional Naval uniform, complete with a fashionable wig and eyeglass.

Our hand-painted themed chess pieces, The Pirates Vs Navy, boast exquisite rooks that are unparalleled in detail. Designed as galleon-style warships, they feature intricate carvings from the wooden hull to the billowing masts. Each side is adorned with either the UK standard or Jolly Roger, adding a touch of rugged charm. These magnificent pieces are perfectly paired with a luxurious walnut and maple chess board, creating The Pirates vs Navy Chess Set. Whether with or without the board, this set is a perfect gift for any chess enthusiast or fan of Pirates of the Caribbean. Historically, piracy dates back to the 14th century BC when seafaring raiders known as the Sea People attacked ships of Aegean and Mediterranean civilizations.

The Caribbean's golden age of piracy spanned from approximately 1650 to the mid-1720s, coinciding with the rise of England, France, and the United Provinces as colonial powers. As these colonies flourished, so did seaborne trade and overall economic prosperity. Unfortunately, this also created opportunities for piracy, as French "buccaneers" initially turned to hunting for survival before ultimately embracing a life of thievery in response to Spanish attempts to eradicate both them and their prey. The pirates then set their sights on the more secure island of Tortuga, which only fuelled their relentless pursuit of wealth and fortune.

The escalation of piracy in Tortuga was fuelled by the English assuming control of Jamaica from Spain in 1655. The Governors of Jamaica, in the early days, readily granted "letters of marque" - official permission - to seize enemy ships and present them before the courts of admiralty. With the rise of Port Royal, these seafaring marauders had a much more lucrative and pleasurable location to sell their loot.


King Height 3.25 inches
King Base Diameter 1 inches
King Weight 26 grams
Pawn Height 2.75 inches
Pawn Weight 20 grams
Pawn Base Diameter 1 inches
Weight 0.8 kg
Materials Crushed stone resin