Sheesham and Boxwood Draughts Box

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  • Pieces crafted from boxwood.
  • Natural wax finish.
  • Presented in solid sheesham box.
  • Ideal for a 15 to 18 inch (38 to 45 cm) board.

Experience the ultimate in craftsmanship with our exquisite Sheesham and Boxwood Draughts Box. Perfectly complementing any chess set, this beautifully hinged box features solid sheesham and boxwood construction, enhanced with wax polish and lined with luxurious green felt. The draughts pieces are meticulously crafted from solid boxwood and ebonised boxwood, expertly wax polished for a natural shine. Ready to elevate your chess game, this set is ideal for boards ranging from 15 to 18 inches (40 - 45 cm).

Experience the luxury and convenience of a hidden magnetic closing mechanism now included with our Sheesham and Boxwood Draughts Box. Please note that this exquisite box does not include a chess board, but rather enhances your playing experience.


Weight 0.34 kg
Stone Diameter 1.25 inches
Stone Thickness 0.25 inches