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Berkeley Chess Royal Beast Metallic Chess Men

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  • UK-made and intricately sculpted.
  • Unique and imposing design.
  • Large 5.8 inch King.
  • Solid crushed stone resin pieces.
  • Shimmering metallic finish.
  • Felt-covered bases.

Indulge in the stunning and remarkable chess set, adorned with majestic designs influenced by the Royal Beasts of Hampton Court Palace. These creatures, also known as the ‘King’s Beasts’, were originally carved for King Henry VIII's pleasure over 400 years ago and adorned the palace walls until they were used to fill the moat during King William III's reign. In 1909, the moat was cleared and several beasts were retrieved, and Queen Elizabeth II commissioned a new set of ten to be created, drawing inspiration from the original pieces by Henry. Today, these royal beasts are seen embellishing prestigious emblems and shields.

This unique and intricately designed collection showcases legendary Royal Beasts and boasts a lustrous metallic coating. The King represents the Lion of England, the Queen embodies the Unicorn of England, the Bishop displays both the White Lion of Mortimer and the Black Bull of Clarence, the Knight features the White Horse of Hanover and the Yale of Beaufort, the Rook portrays the Griffin of Edward III and the Falcon of the Plantagenets, and the Pawn showcases the Greyhound of Richmond and the Red Dragon of Wales.


  • 32 chessmen
  • 1 rules booklet
  • Two year warranty


King Height 5.8 inches
King Base Diameter 1.7 inches
King Weight 390 grams
Pawn Height 3.75 inches
Pawn Weight 140 grams
Pawn Base Diameter 1.5 inches
Weight 6.46 kg
Materials Metal Resin
Number of Queens 2