21.7 Inch Montgoy Palisander and Maple Deluxe Chess Board

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  • Beautifully crafted in Spain.
  • High grade Montgoy Palisander and Maple.
  • 21.7 inch deluxe board.
  • 2.17 inch playing squares.
  • Ideal for a king height of 3.75 inches.

Crafted by the renowned Spanish brand Rechapados Ferrer, this exquisite chess board boasts a resplendent blend of montgoy palisander (rosewood) and maple veneers. The base is also meticulously crafted using high-quality wooden veneers. With its sleek design and impeccable attention to detail, this board is a testament to modern fabrication techniques. The rosewood features a luxurious blend of deep reds and browns, accentuated by a delicate grain - a flawless match for rosewood, red sandalwood, or ebony chessmen with 3.75 inch (95 mm) kings.


  • 1 chess board
  • 1 rules booklet
  • Two year warranty


Weight 3.3 kg
Materials Palisander, Maple
Board Size 21.7 inches
Board Thickness 0.6 inches
Square Size 2.17 inches