19 Inch Painted Italian Artisan Chess Board

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  • Beautifully crafted in Italy.
  • High quality oak.
  • Opulently decorated border.
  • 19 inch luxury board.
  • 1.75 inch playing squares.
  • Ideal for a king height of 3.75 inches.
In the heart of Florence, Italy, a skilled carpentry team handcrafts these exquisite Artisan Chess Boards for our brand. Handpicked Florentine Oak is meticulously chosen and expertly treated by the renowned company Italfama, known for their commitment to artisanal workmanship and timeless elegance. The oak is carefully detailed and transformed into a stunning chessboard fit for discerning players and art connoisseurs alike. This Italian chessboard is both a functional and ornamental piece, making it a perfect complement to the exquisite San Severeo Chess Pieces and a must-have for any luxury chess set, accommodating kings up to 3.75 inches in height. Create a truly extraordinary chess set by pairing this board with other metal or wooden pieces.

The lavish frame boasts ornate engravings on a sturdy oak structure, providing unparalleled durability and versatility. The deep blue hue of the playing squares, along with the intricate borders on all sides, adds a touch of sophistication to this highly sought-after Artisan Chess Set. Supported by four reinforced legs with protective pads, this board exudes elegance and exclusivity.


  • 1 chess board
  • 1 rules booklet
  • Two year warranty


Weight 4.1 kg
Materials Florentine Oak
Board Size 19 inches
Board Thickness 1.5 inches
Square Size 1.7 inches