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The Regency Chess Company and ChessMood have teamed up to provide you with the BEST chess video courses on the market.

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What is ChessMood?
ChessMood is an educational platform with a range of video courses, live events & blog posts that aim to help lovers of chess and dedicated players improve their game.

Video Courses
ChessMood provide over 300 hours of step-by-step courses to improve your openings, middlegames, and endgames. Unlike other platforms, ChessMood's courses are made only by Grandmasters for the highest quality content and are updated weekly. These are best suited for players rated between 1,000-2,700 online.

Live Events
Apply what you've learned from courses during streams and webinars. In these live events, you'll see Grandmasters using skills you've learnt throughout the courses live in action against other players. During these events you have the opportunity to ask all your questions in the chatbox.

If you're a PRO member, you also have the chance to play a 1-1 game against a Grandmaster!

With 100+ Grandmaster-made articles, you can find everything from practical chess tips to tournament preparation and real stories of improvement.

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