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The Hitler Vs Roosvelt WW2 Hand Painted Themed Chess Pieces by Italfama

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  • Exquisitely ornate.
  • Painstakingly hand painted.
  • 3.25 inch king.
  • Perfect for a 16 inch board.


Experience the intense battles of World War II with The Hitler Vs Roosevelt hand painted themed Chess set by Italfama. Featuring intricately detailed pieces, from the flag-bearing White House rook to the dramatic tank knight, each representing a key figure or symbol from this historic conflict. The imposing presence of Hitler, flanked by his high-ranking officers, stands in stark contrast to the commanding figure of President Roosevelt and his trusted Sergeant Major. The smartly uniformed pawns add to the impressive display, while the Swiss flag-bearing rook is a nod to the iconic Reichstag Building. Paired with a beautiful 16 inch walnut and maple Spanish board, this set makes the perfect gift for any chess or World War II enthusiast. Take your game to a whole new level with The Hitler Vs Roosevelt chess set.


With World War II on the horizon, President Roosevelt passionately supported the UK against Nazi German aggression and China against Japanese threats. Despite his efforts to remain neutral, the tragic events at Pearl Harbour forced the US to declare war on both Japan and Hitler shortly after. Roosevelt's determination and leadership during the war extended beyond just military strategies, as he also helped stabilize and improve the economy. Sadly, his declining health led to his passing just 3 months into his 4th term, leaving the world in mourning. He is remembered as one of the top three American Presidents, alongside George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Meanwhile, Adolf Hitler, a stern and undemocratic combat veteran, sought to redeem Germany for its defeat in World War I by imposing his will and laws on both his own people and the Russians. Despite his desire for a positive legacy, Hitler ultimately committed suicide and had his body destroyed to avoid facing the consequences of his actions.


  • 32 chessmen
  • 1 rules booklet
  • Two year warranty


King Height 3.25 inches
King Base Diameter 0.9 inches
King Weight 43.7 grams
Pawn Height 2.75 inches
Pawn Weight 15.2 grams
Pawn Base Diameter 0.87 inches
Weight 0.9 kg
Materials Crushed Stone Resin
Style Themed
Number of Queens 2