Best of British


Berkeley Chess is based in the heart of rural Somerset in the South West of England. Founded in 2017, Berkeley Chess captures the best of British craft manufacturing, utilising production techniques which have spanned many centuries. It offers the most comprehensive collection of hand-made themed chess sets available and has already established itself as one of the leading brands in the market.


Stunning Finishes


All sets are manufactured from crushed stone poly resin and produced in three distinctive finishes – Cardinal Red and Cream, Russet Brown and Cream and a unique pewter and copper metallic finish. The two finest attributes of the Berkeley Chess range are the meticulous level of quality in the production process and the inspiring collection of innovative designs.


It begins with an idea...


Each set begins with an idea, often historical, literary or whimsical which is sculpted into six or twelve different figures by a master sculptor. Original molds are then created from these unique sculptures and master molds are formed. From these masters the production silicon molds are made which then create the full set of thirty two chess pieces. Careful processing of each mold ensures that the fine detail of the original sculpture is captured in each chess piece manufactured. Once the chess pieces have been produced, each one is carefully stained according to the finish required and then painstakingly hand polished to ensure that the detail of the original sculpture is brought to life. The final process is the application of a felt base to each piece and packing the full set into attractive yet practical presentation boxes.


Make your choice


The Berkeley Chess collection includes designs such as the iconic Isle of Lewis set, Medieval, Mandarin, Roman, Camelot, Egyptian, Victorian, English and Scottish combined with Movie Stars and Alice in Wonderland. With over 600 million chess players around the world there is sure to be a subject that appeals to everyone.