La Regency Chess Company s'étend à l'Europe

A Brief History

The Regency Chess Company was established in 2008 by Julian Deverell. The business began in a very small way being run from a house and garage set up. The initial premise of the company was to offer only the very best chess sets with the best service and most significantly, the best creative presentation of the products online.

By 2010 the business had expanded into a larger warehouse and as the years went by the company grew into one of the UKs largest online retailers of fine wooden chess sets. The business also grew in terms of personnel with a small team being brought onboard to run things.

The main focus of the business has been to source the very finest chess products directly from the artisans and manufacturers and present them professionally online to allow customers to make the best informed choices. Since we began we have accumulated thousands of reviews from customers online and hold a 4.9 star rating on Google reviews.

2018 Expansion

In 2018 expansion took place into the American market with the emergence of Regency Chess USA. This has allowed us to sell our products directly to the Americans.

2020 and Beyond

In the fateful year of 2020 the Regency Chess Company saw record sales caused by lockdowns and the popular Netflix series The Queens Gambit. The explosion in chess worldwide created intense demand for chess sets which lasted well into 2021.

This year in 2024 further expansion has taken place into the following markets with dedicated websites for each territory.

  • Regency Chess Ireland
  • Regency Chess France
  • Regency Chess Germany

There are also plans to expand further into Spain, The Netherlands, the UAE and other countries.

The world of online chess retail is certainly evolving and The Regency Chess Company is undergoing a major upgrade with new websites, more creative media and still the same superb quality chess sets.

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